Education – Wellbeing – Inclusivity

To Truly Understand The Gift Of Knowledge And Education.

Education – Wellbeing – Inclusivity

To Truly Understand The Gift Of Knowledge And Education.

Learning Today

We invest in the community one child at a time

Diploma in Arabic and Islamic Studies

Every Wednesday from 10:00 to 12:00

Hadith Studies

Every Friday 07:30 PM to 09:00 PM

"What do we BiLD!"

Leading Tomorrow

With high educational standards

Basic Qur'an Reading

Weekly sessions every Saturday 09:30 AM to 11:00 AM

Arabic and Qur'an Studies

Every Saturday 06:30 PM - 08:30 PM

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22 October 2021
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Why Choose Us

A few of the benefits when your child come to BiLD

Qur'an and Arabic Syllabus

We teach not only Qur'an reading but learning of Arabic language.

Own Separate Building

Classroom based learning.


Safe Environment

We make sure kids, teachers and parents feel safe when they are in BiLD

Short Courses

At BiLD we produce regular weekend/weekdays short courses.

What do Our Students Say

Feedback from the Ramadan short course.

Sister Azra

It was very informative and I learn a lot in Ramadan course

Hafiz Ahmad

The Ramadan course was brilliant, the pace, the interaction and notes were just perfect.

Sister Huda

The material provided especially the daily Ramadan booklet was excellent

Questions & Answers

Some Regular questions asked, if your question is not listed please do ask via Contact Us page.

We have a carefully composed syllabus to introduce children as young as 5 to the Arabic language. We focus on reading , writing, speaking and memorising vocabulary.

The children are encourage to memorise Quran as much as possible. We start them memorising first by listening – starting at the age of 4, by 6 we start the memorising of 30th juz.

There is a monthly intensive adult course which allow adults to learn an aspect of Islam in depth. We also have weekly adult classes, ranging from the teaching of Quran and Tajweed to the reading of Hadith.

We charge a fee for attending the children’s classes. However we are a non profit making organisation. All the money raised goes into the running of BiLD and payment for the teachers

We teach in a classroom based environment which children are use to – however we limit classes sizes to 12 students per class

We would love you to get involved, get in touch via the website contact pages. We would love to hear your ideas and feedback.